Past Perfomance






The Investor’s Source LLC has been making investor real estate loans since 2011 and from the Fund since 2018. In that time, we’ve funded over 225 loans totalling over $47M. We are proud of our track record with a minimal foreclosure rate and a history of successful loans.  




  Yr End 2019 Yr End 2020 Nov '20 Dec '20 Jan '21
Monthly Profit $467,493 $646,709 $17262 $7,541 $19,678
Total Investor Capital $5,467,253 $7,922,807 $7,922,807 $7,922,807 $7,922,807
Monthly ROI 0.22% 0.10% 0.25%
Monthly Annualized 2.61% 1.14% 2.98%
Cumulative Current year 10.92% 8.41% 8.31% 8.41% 0.25%
Cumulative Annualized 10.92% 8.41% 9.07% 8.41% 2.98%
Return Since Inception (Nov '18) 12.71% 21.12% 21.02% 21.12% 21.37%


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The Content contains past performance data regarding Investor’s Source Private Lending Fund #1, LLC (the “Fund”), managed by the Manager. This is presented solely for explanatory purposes. The performance data provided is being presented net of fees and expenses, and has not been independently audited or verified. In the future, the Fund may face risks not previously experienced or otherwise anticipated by the Manager, and therefore, prospective investors should evaluate the Fund on its own merits.  Furthermore, there is no guarantee the Manager will be able to replicate any prior success in the mandate, strategy, portfolio construction and risk management parameters reflected in such prior performance data.  Market factors and unforeseen circumstances both internally and externally may result in a wide deviation from the returns reflected in the prior performance data, and there is no guarantee the Manager will be able to avoid and/or remediate such internal and external factors.